1. PoWĂ Car The Ultimate App for the auto industry
  2. PoWĂ® PO/POP For businesses of 1 to 1,ooo,oo1
  3. PoWĂ® MH – Reconnecting Communities
  4. PoWĂ® NP – Connect with your constituency
  5. PoWĂ® ENT  – Bridging the gap between CRMs and Customer
  6. Social Vision®  (via Brax Solutions) – The New Way to Think About Privacy – link to https://brax.me
  7. PoWĂ® custom App  -If you need something truly special and unique we can do that do that too; just ask us at sales@powa.me.

PoWĂ Car – The Industry Leading App for Automotive Customer Engagement

Since 2013 Progressive Web Apps (PoWĂ) has been pioneering social media styled engagement.  Now in 2019, the new PoWĂ Car edition brings to the automotive industry the power of Apps to provide a softer and friendlier car ownership experience.

In a flat market, brand and dealership loyalty are the keys to success   PoWĂ Car is designed to be the single point of contact for the car ownership experience.   We guarantee that your customers will come to you first and more often by using the your own branded App.

Our marketing representatives and program managers can get you and extra $500 per car in as little as 90 days.   Contact us today for a limited time no risk offer that guarantees the results.


We took the best of 200+ Apps that allows a business to have a personalized PWA in a day.
Marketed Exclusively through Direct Sales Program, the client app is available on App Store and Google Play.
This edition is features:
• Turnkey PWA for personal and business use
• 36 industry templates; the PoWĂ® Wiz allows customization for businesses of 1 to a million+ employees.
• Special branding, logo placement and UX/UI

Coming To Asia In 2019

PoWĂ® NP – Connect With Your Constituency

Operating an effective non-profit takes more than good intentions, commitment and drive.  In today’s social media crazed environment it takes an app!    The Non-Profit edition provides your organization with the technology to get your message heard and to serve your constituency.    Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is a losing battle for most non-profits.  Your message can’t compete with the popular memes or the Khardasians.   However you can compete with PoWĂ® NP

This version works ideally for:
• Promoting activities and services
• Broadcasting events to your audience
• Donations
• Micro-donation and impulse giving
• Basic intake and secure form processing

PoWĂ® MH – A New Way To Approach Mental Health

The Mental Health edition is designed to provide telehealth solutions with meaningful social connections. This is platform is fully HIPPA and CFR42 compliant and allows clinicians, peer supports, recovery coaches, extended family and even law enforcement to collaborate and, therefore, provide effective treatment and support for those who suffer from mental rehabilitations and substance use disorders. PoWĂ® was one of the first software solutions to demonstrate the efficacy of using social media styled interactions in effective treatment and recovery programs.

Fact: over 70% of released prisoners will be re-arrested in five years and over 1/2 within the first year. The PoWĂ® MH helps your community beat the odds. It recognizes that re-entrants have multiple issues (housing, employment, SUD, family rehabilitation, etc.) that must be addressed for effective re-entry in to society. PoWĂ® provides communities with the collaborative, HIPPA and CFR42 compliant platform absolutely needed to connect. Not just some of the dots but all of the dots. It allows substantive treatment, counseling, peer support and controlled social interaction that no other single app or social media platform can begin to provide.

This version is ideal for:
 Prisoner Re-entry
 Substance Use Disorder Support
 Mental Health
 Longitudinal Care

PoWĂ® ENT – Bridge The Gap

You have made the decision to get a world-class CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. However, that is only half the problem. To be effective in today’s social media crazed environment you must connect with your customers. PoWĂ® ENT allows you to connect with your customers using a social media style interface and bridges the gap between your CRM and legacy systems. You can have a single interface that encourages the interaction with your customer in a single native app experience without the costly deployment, development or maintenance. PoWĂ® ENT is a SaaS based solution that the modern enterprise must have to win the customer acquisition and retention game.

Start Your Future Today

PO/POP/PX Pricing

Personal PoWĂ® POP
$99.00 per year

Eliminate Email
Eliminate Texts
Eliminate Fax
Eliminate Business Cards

Personal PoWĂ® PP
$249.00 per year

Designed for professionals.
Includes essential features of the small
business version.

$999.00 per year

Founders Collective Membership
New products influencer
Accelerated sales perks and residuals
Founders Collective Branding
PoWĂ® Institute Introductory Course